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Press-Release-for-Death-at-Carp-High book-cover-3dFrom young adult mystery writer, Jeremy Gold, comes a fun and engaging tale of murder, romance, and…being seventeen.

Carpinteria, California – April 2014 – Jeremy Gold’s Death at Carp High (April 7, 2014, Carp House Press) has as many peaks and troughs as a winter swell at Rincon and it’s all Jake Brown can do to keep from wiping out.

This is the first in a six book series featuring high school student, Jake Brown. The setting is Carpinteria, California—Carp for short—a small beachside community ten miles south of its more celebrated sister, Santa Barbara.

Jake and his best friend, Dean, head out to catch some waves before school one morning when they find a body floating in the surf. This sets them on a course never meant to be taught in high school. Applying lessons they’ve learned in a short lifetime of watching TV detective shows and bad movies, they set out tracking down the murderer. In the midst of the mystery, a cute cross-country teammate of Jake’s asks him to Morp—Prom spelled backwards—where the girls invite the boys to the dance. Suddenly, Jake’s life is on a track he’d only dreamed of. Now all he has to do is stay alive to realize the dream.

“Author Jeremy Gold knows about high school and hormones,” Bram Stoker Award winner, Steve Burt.

“It’s one thing to write a good story; it’s quite another to write a good story that’s actually believable,” Laren Bright, Award-winning Animation Writer.

About the author: Jeremy Gold is seventeen years old…in his mind. He grew up in Santa Barbara surfing, hiking, mountain bike riding, and doing what typical teenage boys do. He is married and has lived in Carpinteria since 1989. Any resemblance between his son, Dan, and Jake Brown is purely…understandable.

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